• Debra Greenwood

We are in the HOME STRETCH!

The steel doors and windows are in. The sanitation system is well underway. The roof is delayed until the end of the rainy season. The main take-away is: our money is being appropriately spent to help the people of Monkey Bush complete their goal of establishing a community health post.

The Temne Clinic Project will end on June 30, 2021. We have informed our Fiscal Sponsor of the termination of our relationship at that time. This means you have ONE MONTH to get those final donations in. At the end of June, our Fiscal Sponsor will receive its fee. All of the remaining funds will be wired to Sierra Leone. This has been a volunteer effort. The only people who have been paid are those Sierra Leoneans who have interfaced with the community on our behalf.

Chairman Koroma and I speak on a weekly basis and I am so excited at the wonderful progress they are making. The community has formed an Advisory Committee and is establishing their own bank account. This will allow them to receive our final donation via wire. This will also allow them to apply for their own funding to groups such as Friends of Sierra Leone.

Please take advantage of your last 30 days to help this community via The Temne Clinic Project. Our goal is $2500 but I know we can smash that goal with your help! Thank you for all the support you have given thus far. Look what good work you are helping to get done!

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