• Debra Greenwood

New Website and More!

We were finally able to publish our revised website last week. Many, many thanks to Incredible Designs Solutions for rescuing us and giving us a website that we can be proud of. The owner, Cameet and I worked closely together to get the website content and look just right.

As a result of his assistance, we have begun our first MailChimp campaign to Launch our website. It has been more successful than I ever imagined. The donations are coming and we are so pleased that people see value in what we are doing in the Monkey Bush community of Waterloo, Sierra Leone.

If you can help in any of the following ways, we would greatly appreciate it:

1) share the website with your friends and encourage them to donate and join our email list.

2) if you know a celebrity who might be interested in assisting us, let us know via email.

3) Learn about, I encourage you to head over there NOW to get in on all the great prizes that are awarded just by making a donation to a worthy cause. We are seeking to partner with because we love their model, and believe we could raise a lot of money in a fairly short amount of time.

Thanks everybody! Until next time...

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