Thanks to your generosity, the monkey bush community will receive more than $10,000 to help finish the clinic.

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Some of these children may not live to celebrate their 5th birthday...


And their mothers have the highest maternal mortality rate in the WORLD.


Malaria strikes pregnant women and children the hardest in Africa



Meet the Monkey Bush Community



The Temne Clinic Project arose from a visit Dr. Debra Greenwood made to the Monkey Bush community of Sierra Leone.  The people are Temne, as is Dr. Greenwood's maternal ancestry. During that visit, the Chief showed her the clinic the people had begun to build and asked for her assistance.  She could not say no. Now you can help build a top-notch clinic for this deserving community! Once completed, the clinic will be named for the Monkey Bush community and will serve 10,000 people.




The local community, project volunteers and staff collaborate on the building of the health clinic


The local community, project staff and volunteers are accountable to each other and clinic patients


Sustainable methods of water, power, and waste management will be utilized


Local community members will be identified and supported in acquiring skills necessary to ensure the continued operation of the clinic

Our Goals are Informed by the United Nation's SDGs to ensure basic needs are met for the global community

Advisory Group


Antoinette Feimata George

Antoinette is a young and vibrant Social Worker who finds joy in serving humanity.  She has served as a professional Social Worker for three years and has volunteered in different local charity organizations in Sierra Leone.  She is the Founder of Our Girls Foundation, a small initiative to empower women and girls.  She is currently a Field Liaison Officer who works tirelessly to end sexual and gender-based violence in

Sierra Leone.

Debra Greenwood

Debra Greenwood is a retired Registered Nurse and Clinical Psychologist. She owned and managed a home nursing care company for twenty years. Her life was changed when she traveled to Sierra Leone in November 2018. There she met her maternal ancestry group - the Temnes.  After her warm welcome she saw a need that she believed she could address.

Alusine Kamara

Alusine Kamara was born in the Kambia District in Northern Sierra Leone.  He earned a National Diploma in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration and Technology.  He has worked as a tour guide for more than ten years, and currently serves as the Chief Tour Guide for Visit Sierra Leone, the country's premier travel agency.

Melvis Lee

Melvis Lee is a Chemical Engineer with thirty years of experience in the areas of Chemistry and Manufacturing Engineering.  In the pharmaceutical industry he has developed and designed chemical manufacturing processes for several companies, including Obagi Medical Products, Leiner Health Products, Dermacia, Inc and Dep, Inc.

Jacqueline Rice

Jacqueline Rice is a retired Certified Nurse Midwife, Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator.  She has personally delivered more than 5,000 babies and has made Women's Health her life's work.

Jimmy Rice

Jimmy rice is a retired Aerospace and Financial Industry Software Engineer who specialized in data collection, data analysis, custom application development and reporting services.

Isatu Saffa

Isatu Saffa is a member of the Monkey Bush Community.  She is a teacher who will help with the training of the community and the clinic staff.

Feremusu Samura

Feremusu Samura has lived in the Monkey Bush Community for ten years.  She is a certified nurse who is passionate about building the clinic.  She is a strong community advocate.

Katarvia Taylor

Katarvia Taylor is a Bahamian/British citizen.  She is an Operations / IT / Project Development professional with experience working  with large international entities such as the International Monetary Fund as well as with private sector consultancies.  She has visited Sierra Leone several times.


Your Generous Donation will help

  • Thousands of women receive prenatal and post-natal care

  • Provide pediatric care for vulnerable children

  • Provide a safe place for women to deliver their babies

  • Provide life-saving vaccinations 


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